Great Northern Products

Engineering E-Commerce

Great Northern Products (GNP) started in Industrial OEM sales and has was a true “first-mover” in Engineering E-commerce.

Founded in 1996, we launched our first e-commerce site in 2004. The site specialized in inspection and testing products (NDT) for petrochemical (oil and gas), nuclear, power generation and other industrial applications.

We have extensive industry experience. For starters we know that industrial/engineering products require a differend focus, approach vs. retail, consumer-focused products.

Engineering products are driven by specifications.

The purchasing process is heavily influenced by these specifications including non-standard units of measure (UOM), temperature, field conditons and more. Simply put, marketing engineering and industrial products demands a technical, factual approach. 

Emotional pitches are not of any consequence.

 NDTspek still stands as an exemplary model of how an Engineering E-Commerce website can successfuly serve a niche market.

Great Northern Products

Today, Great Northern leverages over two decades of ecommerce experience.  And are always available for a chat . . .