Founded during the analog age, as technology evolved so did Great Northern Products (GNP). Today we create hybrid selling solutions, a mix of technologies to handle today’s changing landscape.

We recognized the limitations of relying solely on regional territorial sales, and relationship selling. Too, the laws of physics create bottlenecks to leverage and scale, when “boots on the ground” approach is not augmented with digital.

Then: Business was all built on relationships. Sales reps guided each step of the buying process.

Now: With unprecedented access to research, customers now lead the purchasing process.

Both models are vulnerable to online end user sales; eCommerce & evolving now, eDistribution.

According to Sales & Marketing Management, today’s B2B customer will go through up to 70% of the buying process online, before engaging a sales rep. Their online research will dictate which sales rep and company they select.

Pull vs. Push marketing; interested buyers, searching for solutions.


To leverage the power and reach of the Internet, GNP builds Industrial-focused, eCommerce web properties that leverage both analog and social networks. Product-specific, niche micro-sites that are 24 x 7 points of contact, with no borders of  geography or time.

Hybrid systems tie-in analog and digital points of contact.  Not a single solution, but augmented selling.

Simply put, expanding your online capabilities creates a bigger geographical footprint, a bigger megaphone, more reach, more customers.

Business without Borders . . .


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