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Digital Business Development

B2B Consultative Sales + Digital Marketing

The Company

Great Northern Products (GNP) was originally founded as an industrial / commercial sales rep agency, focused on regional, distribution channels.

Recognizing the limitations of the regional, “boots on the ground” sales model, GNP started leveraging Consulatative Sales + Digital Marketing to increase their sales reach.

GNP has over 12 years of experience developing, deploying, and operating niche market eCommerce websites, and the supporting digital marketing. During the last nine years we developed shopping cart software, that powers some of the backend admin functions of their eCommerce websites.

Who We Help

Private, SMB/SME in the industrial/engineering sectors that manufacture/produce niche specialties, but lack experienced consultative sales and/or digital marketing experience.

Management teams frustrated by the lack of return on time and money (ROI) previously invested with traditional web/digital/marketing agencies.

Companies with a proven track record of on-time production and delivery, but have not coordinated their forward-facing departments including sales, marketing, and customer service.

Sales + Marketing Challenged?