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About Great Northern Products

Our Journey

Family owned and operated, Great Northern Products (GNP) was founded as a sales “rep” agency.

As such, we were focused on regional channels of distribution, restricted by borders and reliant on others for marketing support.

Over the years as digital took over the landscape, it became apparent that most of the industrial OEMs that we worked for, were out of step with what was coming over the horizon.

Traditional, consultative sales operations were not embracing the cloud of change that was surrounding each industry.

Especially for sales and marketing.

Recognizing these bottlenecks and gaps, GNP started its own, internal initiatives. First by leveraging eCommerce to increase our sales footprint, expand into new markets and break regional borders.

Bringing Digital Marketing in-house gave us even more reach, speed, better targeting, and control going to market.

Today we have over 25 years of industrial, engineering sales & marketing experience, combined with 12 + years developing, deploying, and scaling eCommerce (front end) solutions.

GNP is capable of delivering digital selling systems for both forward-facing and back-end operations.

Meet & Greet

Tom Lee, Jr.

Tom Lee, Jr.

President & Chief Digital Officer

Digital entrepreneur, and all around tech geek. Tom Lee, Jr. has over 30 years of communications experience at the national level.

His background includes technical writing, managing editing, publishing, and corporate affairs. All of which logically morphed into digital marketing.

Best known as meeting-adverse, he is increasingly amazed by the degree of dysfunction within B2B corporate marketing. 

Simpler solutions provide greater impact.


Julie Daigle

Julie Daigle

Business Manager, Americas

Julie oversees back-end operations, and new eCommerce projects, all the while while keeping an eye on customers & client transactions.

An experienced eCommerce operative, she makes all of us more focused and results-driven.

Julie came to GNP after stints with several wholesale operations, where she was involved in setting up their pioneering efforts, online.

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Nicholas Hee

Nicholas Hee

Director, Asia Pacific Development

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Nick oversees GNP’s expansion in Asia Pacific.

Nick has led projects and strategic business initiatives throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Nick is focused on helping Asia-Pacific OEM’s make inroads into the US market.

An aspiring “digital nomad,” Nick believes in the power of digital technology to vastly expand the reach and growth of individuals and organizations alike.

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