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GNP Asia-Pacific Bureau

Asia Pacific

GNP Asia-Pacific works with privatly-held, SMB/SME that lack sales in the United States. We can provide US-hosted eCommerce, digital marketing, and translation services to better present your brand and technical data to the US market.

GNP’s services are designed for:

  • Management teams frustrated by the lack of return on time and money (ROI) previously invested with traditional marketing.
  • Companies with proven track records of on-time production and delivery, but lack US-market penetration.
Nick Hee

Nick Hee

Bureau Chief


US Market Research:  With a plethora of local taxes, tariffs, and local/regional market conditions, GNP AP advises its clients on how to navigate the complexities of the massive U.S market.

  • What is your company’s current visibility in the American market?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • How much should you price your product/service to sell?
  • What local regulations are in place?
  • What local distribution channels are available to sell your product?


Market CommunicationsGNP Asia-Pacific (GAP) can assist its clients in crafting and translating communication strategies, technical documentation, and marketing materials. We create digital materials specifically tailored for American industries.

  • Translation of technical documentation
  • SEO for target markets
  • eCommerce websites
  • Facebook business pages
  • Social Media Management