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GNP Asia Pacific Bureau

Asia Pacific

GNP Asia-Pacific works with privatly-held, SMB/SME that lack sales in the United States. We provide eCommerce, digital marketing, and translation services to better present your brand and technical data to the US market.

GNP’s services are specifically designed for:

  • Management teams frustrated by the lack of return on time and money (ROI) previously invested with traditional marketing.
  • Companies with proven track records of
    on-time production and delivery, but lack coordinated, forward-facing departments, online.


US Market Research:  With a plethora of local taxes, tariffs, and local/regional market conditions, GNP AP advises its clients on how to navigate the complexities of the massive U.S market.

  • What is your company’s current visibility in the American market?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • How much should you price your product/service to sell?
  • What local regulations are in place?
  • What local distribution channels are available to sell your product?


Market CommunicationsGNP Asia-Pacific (AP) can assist its clients in crafting and translating communication strategies, technical documentation, and marketing materials. We create digital materials specifically tailored for American industries.

  • Technical Writing – Data Sheets, Procedures, Manuals
  • Translation of Technical Documentation
  • SEO for target markets
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Social Media Management

US Market Challenges?